A Wonderful Success Story

Sometimes we receive such wonderful emails from Sing to Say fans that we ask permission to share their success story with all of our amazing parents.  

Here, Charlie Washburn shared his thoughts on what makes Sing to Say different from other apps and how it has helped his young grandson.

“It [Sing to Say] makes the augmented communication come alive. It’s a language board that isn’t static. You hit the button and it animates. There’s definitely something about the animation… it triggers a response that’s very powerful. It’s really remarkable the app with the music…..it completely embodies moving to the music, it taps into complicated pathways in his body. I know he’s physically engaged…. I can see it! I knew we were onto something and really, I wanted something that might help my grandson find his voice.”

Helping kids like Charlie’s grandson is why we do what we do, and we’re so glad Sing to Say is having such a positive effect on his life.

We’re always so excited to hear about your successes with Sing to Say. If you have a story to share, please contact us!

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