Three Helpful Hints about Sing to Say

Sing to Say is an amazing app, full of music, learning opportunities and fun. There’s a lot to discover, so here’s a list of three handy hints to make your child’s play experience even richer!

  1. Each time your child plays on the app, you can see what they’ve been up to by visiting the Track It section. The data will show you the words your child has been learning, how many times they’ve listened to the associated song, and how well they’ve done identifying the word’s meaning. Be sure to use the words they’ve been learning on the app, in real life.

  2. After your child has fun using Learn It, encourage them to try the Check It feature to make sure they understand the words they’re learning. Help them to see this as a game and be sure to offer praise when they get it right, or try hard!

  3. If there’s a song your child really likes, try singing it when they’re not playing on the app. For instance, if your child likes the dog song, try singing it next time you see a dog. If they like the apple song, sing it when you’re making lunch. The important thing is to associate the song with the item or action, both on the app and in day-to-day interactions.

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